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Pagan Recipes interview

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  • Honey Cakes

    Day 12.02.2014 00:02
    Unfortunately, the wine (or a substitute) is a must. If you can't get it - Riesling is a sweet white ...
  • Honey Cakes

    kim 11.02.2014 22:27
    i have everything except the Riesiling wine and i doubt id be able to get my hands on it if its ...
  • Elderberry blossoms beverage

    Aria 21.12.2013 00:25
    Thank you, Day, your reply is appreciated very much.

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Pagan Recipes

The Pagan Recipes website opened on march 18th, 2011, and it is a continuous work, as more and more recipes are added. I am adding only recipes that have been actually tried either by me or by close friends and they have proven to be delicious and the recipe was correct. I hope that you will find enough recipes for your Sabbats and you will enjoy them.

All the recipes have a notification if they are vegetarian or vegan. When the term "vegetarian" is used, that means the recipe has no meat or fish, but might have eggs, cheese, milk (dairy) or honey. "Vegan" means that no animal or insect origin ingredient is used in the dish.

NOTE: Please do not copy and use these recipes for commercial purposes. This website is for personal use only. If you wish to use these recipes on any internet media, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Do not copy these recipes without permission.